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Micro Sushi in Japan. Trendy, Elegant but Nothing Else

mocro sushi japan 5


Sushi is now international, among the most eaten in the world and among the most consumed by tourists visiting Japan. From some years it has been possible to see and try a "new" variety of Sushi, the Micro Sushi.

Making sushi is an art, it takes years of practice, discipline, the true masters are people with years of work behind them. In Tokyo there are some chefs who have taken the sushi technique one step further, for example we talk about chef Hironori Ikeno or chef Yuki Sugeta to name two that are most recently mentioned.

The cutting of fish, the right amount and the relationship with rice are important for a balance of taste that makes sushi what everyone loves. With the micro sushi the skills of the chefs are put even more to the test, creating really small cuts of fish and think, even placing them on a single grain of rice. And yes, of these dimensions we speak, the rice chiccho (sometimes even smaller) becomes the base, and we get to have so 1 / 300mo of the size of the classic sushi.


mocro sushi japan 3


Why go so far? chef Hironori Ikeno says that he started creating micro sushi as a "game" he played with customers, accompanying t with the classic sushi. To get to that level it took a few decades, however, because we still talk about manual dexterity in cutting and incredible preparation.


mocro sushi japan


Those who tried it remained urprised of how, despite the micro dimensions, the balance of flavors remains intact. Even given the small amount, I don't know if it is really possible to perceive its taste and consistency.The micro sushi has become Trendy, something to try as different, up to go so far as to give it a philosophical connotation, typical of Japan and of those who follow its culture and history: "beauty in small things".


micro sushi japan


For those wishing to learn more, I leave the link to the video in which Yuki Sugeta speaks and shows how she creates micro sushi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=569&v=Lc98-iQdzEICertainly

Sure will not full you :D and in the end it becomes something to tell about one's experiences during the trip to Japan. Sushi purists will not understand this thing, aesthetes will be enthusiastic about how these small pieces of art are created (ut can be eat remember that), and what do you think?


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