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[Review] Honnōji Hotel 本能寺ホテル The Movie

honnouji hotel movie1


When History meets cinema (and creates so many discussions) we have works that take us back to the scene of one of the most important battles in Japanese feudal history. Great historical figures played by prominent Japanese actors and actresses.

Comedy inspired by an important historical event in Japan, released in 2017 directed by Masayuki Suzuki and written by Tomoko Aizawa.
Among the performers we find important actors and actresses, characters that we are used to, which certainly will not go unnoticed to all those who passionately follow the Japanese cinema.

honnouji hotel movie attori

Mayuko Kuramoto on a visit to Kyoto discovers that the reservation she made at the hotel was wrong and finds herself without accommodation. On the way to Kyoto, find a picturesque historical hotel, built near the site of the Honnō-ji incident (the "guided suicide" of Oda Nobunaga in 1582), which seems to have an available room.

Taking the elevator something unexpected happens, she was transported in the homonymous temple in feudal Japan. Despite the obvious disorientation in being in an impossible place, during several similar trips that she finds herself doing, she befriends the lord Oda Nobunaga, a well-known but tragic historical figure. I will not go further into the plot to not reveal details or events that could make you lose the taste of seeing the movie.


 honnouji hotel movie2 

Despite the film has attracted a strong interest in Japan, think that in the weekend alone It counted 167,000 spectators, has met some bad mood in criticism because of "too much freedom" that the film has taken from the historical point of view.
The emphasis is on the usual samurai figures that lead up to the end to follow one's Lord, not to bow to any event. The figure that is given to Nobunaga that would not reflect that historically transmitted, left few perplexed by some critics.
My impression, not having a thorough knowledge of Japanese history, I found it very interesting. The settings are beautiful, give us a glimpse of the era from the point of view of lifestyle and what surrounds the characters of the film. The battle scenes are very beautiful, and it leaves you to think about how it could be at the time to be in the midst of a war completely different from the ones we know.

Let's move on to the protagonists of the film, to those who interpret the historical characters and the protagonists of the film. Haruka Hayase is beautiful, pass me this personal judgment. I see her well in the character, I like her way of playing the part and how her character grows thanks to her encounters, a change at the end "radical" in her way of putting herself and seeing herself.

The other 2 main characters of Nobunaga and Ranmaru Mori are very interesting. I know the actors, I have seen them in many dramas and I like them. For Nobunaga, admitting my ignorance about the real historical character, I was expecting a figure with more character, in the ways and in the appearance.

Beyond the historical "wrongings" that may have led some critics to turn up their noses, I found this film very interesting. Pleasant to watch at, it is not too heavy and flows well although there is often a jump from one era to another.
I recommend the vision, to be able to immerse yourself in one of the most active and interesting periods of Japanese history.


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