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  • Uji Shrine Tokyo
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Japanese History and Traditions. Explore the Art and creativity of Japanese Artisans
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Flavors, recipes and reviews about Japanese Food and Cook
News, reviews, anime news, manga, drama, light novel and Pop Culture
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Reviews and advice on the most interesting destinations and the must that should never be missing.
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akihabara cerchioThe "Little City" for all lovers of electronics, anime, manga and everything that represents the Otaku culture. Famous throughout the world for its special offers to all the fans that sought.
We want to provide you with the latest news, reviews, news and much more from the mythical Akiba.




                       fugure and Co                      japan anime                   japanese manga

           Figure, Modelling and More          Japanese Animation            Manga and Ligh Novel


                japanese drama                           otaku world                    cultura pop

          Drama, Live and Films                         Otaku World                         POP Culture  




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